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 Statistics Belgium
  National Statistical Institute, Homepage (English)

 National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria
  National Statistical Institute, Homepage (English)

 Statistics, Estonia
  Statistics Estonia, Homepage (English)

 Statistics Finland: Statistikcentralen:
  Time use survey (English)
  Pressrelease (English)

 Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Economiques, France
  National Institute for Statistics, Homepage (English)
  Institut National de la Statistique, Homepage (Français)
  Personal time use in average day (English)

 Statistisches Bundesamt, Germany
  Statistisches Bundesamt, Homepage (English)
  Time Use Survey (English)

 Instituto Nazionale di Statistica, Italy
  Instituto Nazionale di Statistica, Homepage (Italian)
  Instituto Nazionale di Statistica, Homepage (English)
  Time Use in Daily Life (English)

 Latvijas Statistika, Latvia
  Latvijas Statistika, Homepage (English)

 Statistikos Departamentas, Lithuania
  Statistikos Departamentas, Homepage (English)
  How women and men in Lithuania spend their time (English)

 Statistics Norway
  Statistics Norway, Homepage (English)
  Time use survey 2000 (English)

 Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Spain
  Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Homepage (English)
  Time Use Survey 2002-2003, Detailed results (English)

 Statistics Poland
  Central Statistical Office, Homepage (English)

 Statistics Slovenia
  Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Homepage (English)

 Statistics Sweden
  Statistics Sweden, Homepage (English)
  Tidsanvändningsundersökningen (Swedish)

 Office of National Statistics, UK:
  Office of National Statistics, Homepage (English)
  The UK 2000 Time Use Survey (English)

 CIRCA, The public acces group:
  Information, documentation, papers, and exchange of points of view in relation to Time Use Surveys and Household Satellite Accounts (English)

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